Lotus Herbals Eye Liner

I know it seems that I'm on a herbal-makeup-skincare diet, but I'm not. I received some Indian products as a gift a few months ago, hence the Khadi love and now some thoughts on this eye liner. After requesting some Gala of London liquid liners before a relative from India came to visit, I was disappointed to learn that it may actually have been discontinued. As a replacement, I was given this liner from Lotus Herbals.

The packaging and feel of this product (and from the looks of it, others as well) was a bit old-fashioned and luxurious, kind of like the Indian version of Estee Lauder (not even Lakme). What I liked best about this liner is the sturdy, thin brush (but a bit too long), and the liner formula, which was thicker and creamier than most. This made it easier to apply, and it clung well to the brush.

The only real issue I'm having with this liner is that because it is already so creamy to begin with, it becomes even more so as it dries, making it hard to douse the brush in the liquid and pick up enough out of the tube. However, I do prefer it to the thinner, inkier formulas. Also, I didn't like that it turned into a deep, inky blue after very long wear, but I think that's pretty common with some supposedly "black" liners, and given that this herbal, you can't expect too much.

Overall, a very decent liner out of India. In terms of price, it is nowhere near comparable to Lakme but if you don't use liner like it's water, it may be a reasonable buy. Also a fun treat if you're just visiting the country, or in the position to request lots of fun nonsense from someone visiting you.


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