Diaspora, Plethora, Begorrah!

DIASPORA Since arriving here from France, this Starbucks of makeup has proved to be an indispensable one-stop shop to throw money at every physical insecurity.

PLETHORA Aerosol foundations, green and purple primers, electric arm-hair removers, deluxe blemish extractors — who knew we required these things?

BEGORRAH! It’s a dirty world, princess. This ain’t the Champs-Élysées. You want spotless? Go kick a Dalmatian.

So states a New York Times: Critical Shopper article on the famous land whose exploration played a large part in the start of this blog - Sephora. Apparently, All's Fair in Beauty and War.

When I realized I did not know how to spend the hefty amount I have sitting in gift cards and credit, I knew I had reached a new low. Not knowing how to spend money in Sephora is a skill I must have acquired in growing up the last few months.

But fear not, I've been re-inspired. This article reminded me of many a makeup staple (including Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Eclat) that need my 2 cents in reviews and could also do my face some good. My only hesitation in buying more expensive products was that I knew I would never spend that much money on my own - I didn't want the excuse of gifts or credit. On the other hand, I'm not ready to stock up on any other favorites and constantly crave new things.

Do I really need a $40 concealer/highligher/brightener? Will my face benefit from contouring? Is it worth investing in quality makeup brushes? It's back to the drawing board, and I'm actually excited. Classes start next week and I will desperately need some new toys.

Any suggestions, please send them my way!


An Indian's Makeup Blog said...

New toys..huh...
I'd say the UDPP 24 /7 liners, if you are into foundation then Cover FX , some bronzers may be...oh and please try Makeup forever concealers and temme how they are ...

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