Can Canaille Be The One?

Perhaps. Perhaps I'm just sick of the redundancy of my own choices. But that doesn't mean that NARS' lipstick in Canaille is not a beautiful, versatile, perfectly pink lipstick.

It might even be the orgasm of pink lipsticks for darker skin tones. Ok, I might be exaggerating a little, but it's definitely a stronger but still sheer pink that immediately pumps some life into your lips. NARS describse it as a "plum brown shimmer" but this lipstick definitely does not have a lot of blue/plum tones, nor is it brown. In my opinion, its more of soft, nude-ish raspberry with specks of silvery pink. Not a lot of punch, but plenty of polish.

This is actually my first time using a NARS lipstick, and while I am in love with the color, I was unpleasantly surprised by the amount you get for $24 (not as much as my $5 drugstore lipsticks) and the formula (drying), especially since the formula is sheer and needs reapplication.

Canaille may certainly be The One as far as lipsticks are concerned for some, but I think I'll continue to experiment. $24 @ Sephora.com


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