Liner, Briefly

Since I've had an ongoing love-hate relationship with eyeliners for years (mostly pencil), my reviews of the products I've tried tend to be nothing less than novels. Last week, I stumbled a new formulation from Smashbox that promises to fulfill it's duties as a liner perfectly and keep such reviews brief.

Smashbox Limitless Eye Liner is supposed to be a waterproof, long-wearing liner. The 5 shades - Onyx (black), Java (dark brown), Indigo Ink (deep navy), Peacock (teal), and Black Violet (deep purple) - include all the basic and more fun shades the less-liner-saavy of us could ever want. While killing some time at Sephora one evening before meeting friends for dinner, I decided to give Java a try (because I'm basically obsessed with dark brown liners). I was prepared for another liner biting the dust, but there was not a smudge either on my lids or undereye after 5 hours or so. Pretty impressive for the near-tropical weather in NYC, my oily lids, and of course, the slippery lower rim/waterline.

In my brief experience, this formula went on very soft and smooth like many of the newest liner pencils out there these days, but wasn't too creamy. Basically, it felt like what many "kohl-waterproof" and other long-wearing formulas promise to do without sacrificing softness and pigment.

At $19 and a built-in sharpener, I'd say that this eyeliner is a better deal compared to similar high-end products. I love Lancome Le Crayon Kohl-Black Coffee, but at a whopping $24.50, it's hard to sustain such a smudgy habit (thanks to Ebay for getting my hands on that one). Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes are $17 - I'd pay the extra $2 for a sharpener and a great dark brown like Java (MUFE doesn't have a good one). The list is endless with Urban Decay and some good drugstore alternatives, but Smashbox looks to be an even more solid investment.

This is my new and only makeup craving and I'm hoping to somehow snatch up as many as I can.


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