The French-girl Crushing Continues

Even the makeup world seems besotted by the French. Check out this recent post on Makeup.com about how effortlessly fabulous the French are. Well, judging from the number of products used in this supposedly "Natural Beauty" video by Michelle Phan for Lancome, there seems to be a lot of effort involved. Laughably, this video features 12 products (excluding brushes and tools). I say 'laughably' because while I love makeup, this just isn't my idea of looking nice and having fun, too. I'd rather pat on some powder, brush on some mascara, swipe on a great lipstick, and be done with it. Perhaps I'm not a genuine enough makeup junkie so for that, I must apologize since after all, that is what this blog is devoted to. Ah, well. At least I don't have a crush on the French.


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