Sephora Mattifying Powder Foundation

Recall how just yesterday I wrote that I have not blogged much this year due to reduced makeup experimentation? Apparently I'm a pathological liar, because that wasn't true either. Writing about Korres Abyssinia Voluminizing Mascara opened the floodgates that have been blocking my makeup stories all year. I would say that the biggest difference between two years ago and now is that my makeup trials are a little more focused and my collection rather well-edited. Oh, the dangers of satisfaction! It induces a non-blogging state of mind when there is actually lots to share.

Face powder is one of them. In case you haven't been able to tell, I'm rather inconsistent with my makeup use, and face makeup is no exception. I've looked for the right powders, foundations, concealers, and tinted moisturizers only to realize how infrequently I use them. That said, I still try to nail down some basics for myself. This past winter, I found a few products that suited me so well that I haven't had to throw them out and have not replaced them with anything else. The Sephora Collection Mattifying Powder Foundation is such a product.

Reason #1 - The color match. In my opinion, Sephora does a great job with shades for tan skin, ranging from olive/yellow complexions to more red/brown undertones. Even more high-end brands haven't achieved this. I have D32 (warm golden beige) for winter when my skin is paler, and it is perfect for my medium-tan (and rather yellow) Indian complexion. The Mineral Double Compact Foundation has a similar but slightly smaller range (for instance, it has D35-warm tan, but no D32). I tested it in the store but I find any sort of mineral makeup to be messy (even pressed powders) and it doesn't have my regular D32 shade (D35 is best only for summer).

Reason #2 - It meets my pretty basic expectations of a good pressed powder/foundation - mostly medium/sheer coverage, some oil control, and a polished look that isn't cakey or obvious. On bare skin, it's oil-controlling and non-drying, not even in winter (which is when I first started using this). I'm not sure how "mattifying" this would be for oilier skin since my skin has become drier over time but I imagine that someone with very oily skin is using some other oil-control product as well, so this would probably help things a long enough. I've worn this powder over foundation and/or concealer and it sets both well. Depending on my mood, I use either a big, fluffy powder/kabuki brush, or a round sponge (bought separately, not the one that comes with the compact).

Reason #3 - Blends easily and I can barely feel it. Very smooth, fine-milled formula that doesn't highlight any blemishes or imperfections by caking over them. Supposedly, this works dry or wet, but I prefer dry for now. Very simple application and worth the minimal effort.

In terms of price, a great compromise between over-priced high-end products, and also over-priced drugstore products (think of the similar new product from Neutrogena which retails for about $15; the Sephora one is $20). I would stock up since earlier this fall, they were sold out of D35 (warm tan - my summer shade) for MONTHS (not just at stores, but from the manufacturer itself).

I do have one complaint about the compact, but it applies to many products of a similar design that are out there these days (my LORAC Blush/Bronzer duo is one of them). This flip-top compact has a compartment under the powder tray for a sponge and mirror. I know companies started doing this because it was supposedly more hygienic. Eh, hygiene-shmygiene (says the Master's of Public Health candidate). The design is inconvenient and bulky, and I would have preferred it if Sephora didn't bother to keep up with luxury brands in that respect. Plus, the price would have been a little cheaper, although the $20 is probably about the cheapest you will find with this quality.

I wore this today and happy to report that my face feels, well, nice. It's Friday and my skin doesn't look pathetic - I'd say that's a pretty good start to the weekend and a pretty good reason to continue using this perfect powder.


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