LORAC Blush/Bronzer Duo - Hot & Spicy

I didn't realize how bored I had become with my makeup lately, until I discovered the *amazing* LORAC Blush/Bronzer Duo (Hot & Spicy). I'm not a blush or bronzer junkie, but was on the search for ones that I could feel comfortable wearing in any setting. I tried this on a whim and have used it almost everyday ever since. In fact, I was salivating over it within 48 hours of use, but held off writing about it for a while because of my fickle makeup ways. After a week, I think I'm finally ready to articulate an intelligent review.

Only I can't - because this blush/bronzer is awesome! It's so easy to use! It lasts! I love the colors! It's so versatile! I love the finish! I carry it in my bag and actually touch it up! It's pretty to look at! I think it makes me look prettier! It can look natural! It can look dramatic! It's everything you could possibly want in a blush/bronzer! Sound like I'm exaggerating? I'm really not! I really, truly, genuinely like this product and am not considering returning it. I swear. In fact, I want to buy another to keep at home.

Both the deep pink/peach blush and medium bronzer work well on my medium-tan complexion to warm it up. The blush gives a natural flush that is neither too pink/plum, nor too orange, and the bronzer is neither too matte nor too sparkly. Additionally, the bronzer shade is perfect for skin tones like mine - some bronzers tend to make it look "dirty" or simply way too dark. Not to mention how soft and blendable this is - makes it a breeze to use, but yes, heavy hands beware. If you happen to use too much, you can always blend some away. There is some shimmer factor which isn't cheap or too noticeable, and if you touch your face too much, there can be some sparklage and shimmer fallout - but really, nothing to be too concerned about, especially compared to other products which seem to have a jar of glitter in them.

This is far superior to the NARS Orgasm/Laguna duo in quality, and far more versatile for various complexions. And it comes with a cute brush - when was the last time that happened with a high-end product? I only wish that the compact were slimmer and sleeker. Best of all, it has pretty good staying power - lasts about 6-8 hours unless you're running the marathon (in which case, don't wear makeup!).
After a light touch up, it fades away nicely into that just-warmed-by-fading-make-up look. I actually like going a teeny bit overboard with this for a deeper flush.

2 minor downsides - the somewhat clunky (if also somewhat classic) compact - it's like MAC 's Studio Fix powders, round with a compartment beneath for the brush. A bit thick to carry around, but one can deal. Also, the powder is so fine that some of it ends up on the mirror - clearly no need to dig your brush into the pan.

$28.50 @ Sephora. Looking forward to my touch up!


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