Show me the Dior

Because I really love it. I fell for the Dior DiorShow mascara hype and I don't know if there is any way out. I'm not a mascara person, which true beauty junkies might consider blasphemous, but it is the truth. I always found that well-applied eyeliner was more effective, and I didn't like the feeling of heavy lashes. Until, of course, I discovered this stuff. I began to wonder why I had never noticed the pitiful, sparse state of my lashes, and have new respect for those who don't leave home without it.

There is just something about this huge mascara wand that is unlike any other - and I really don't know what it is. There is no clumping to create a set of 3 lashes, and even though my lashes already curl up, they just soar upwards even more when I use it. All this without making me look like a porn star. When I'm not wearing liner, I go for this with some gloss. Get the waterproof version - for some strange reason, it tends to smudge a little bit towards the end of the day, but I can't risk the regular formula with my sensitive eyes.

Glad to have found a reason to like mascara, and maybe I'll experiment with some more.


Nosh said...

have you tried diorshow blackout? I like it even better =)

Truckspotter said...

I have not, but since you suggested it, now I have to :)

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