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I thought it would be quite impossible to be more impressed by drugstore brand Jane Cosmetics' wonderfully inexpensive and quality products after trying out their new organic line. But Jane continues to surprise me. Here a couple of recent discoveries:

Staying Powder Loose Powder (Colorless) - I'd always wondered what the hype surrounding translucent/colorless face powder was. Is it really colorless? Is there hope of it providing any coverage? Will it really control oil/shine? Apparently, yes! Perhaps not to the degree you might expect from more heavy-duty products, but still worth it. Would I buy a translucent powder from an expensive Sephora brand? Probably not. But from Jane, it's just right. I decided to try out this makeup mystery with Jane's inexpensive version, and am happy to have this basic little jar on hand. The powder is light and non-irritating, and does control shine, although it definitely is not a long-wearing product. There are days when my skin looks like a patchwork of different shades and tones, and the last thing I want to do is add another. A light dusting of some colorless powder, however, gives your face a little polish without feeling heavy in the least, especially as the weather warms up. I find it easier to blend than my pressed powder from Clinique, and it works well for in-between seasons when you're not quite as pale as you were in December but the sun still hasn't warmed you up enough. Under $5.00, and worth a try if you haven't used a loose face powder before.

Be Pure Mineral One Liner (Ink Mica) - Alas, if you read my post about purple eyeliner from earlier today, you won't be surprised that I have also located the Perfect Blue. Like with everything-eyeliner, I have had issues with finding the right blue. I like sort of dusty-musty-inky blues that border on slate/gray, but are still pigmented enough to show up on my skin. Ink Mica is just that (the swatch on the Jane site does not do it justice). It beats out most of the blues and blue/grays from MAC (which has about as many liner shades as you can imagine), and reminds me of the discounted Slate pencil from Prescriptives. This is a mechanical pencil, which is nice because it allows you to create a thinner line. It also has a smudger on one end - again, amazing for the price of about 3 bucks. Goes on smoothly, and won't create a mess. What more could you ask for? Ah, yes, the Perfect Purple, but that's already been taken care of!


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