A Prime Primer - Tarte Clean Slate Face Primer

Too bad this simple product is meant to be worn UNDER makeup to smooth out the skin and make makeup last longer. In my book, this alone would suffice (especially in warmer weather). I haven't ever felt the need to try a face primer although I did wonder what all the hype was about. So I was pleased to receive a sample of Tarte Clean Slate Face Primer with a Sephora purchase, and was even more pleased by the results.

The best way to describe Clean Slate (and I'm guessing other primers) is a dry gel. So, picture a clear gel like you might have used on your hair back in the day - I'm sure you'll recall the wet, slippery texture. Primer, on the other hand, feels a little heavier and actually looks matte. As soon as you start rubbing it into the skin it just dries away into a slightly matte finish onto the skin, completely dry to the touch. No wet residue, no greasiness, no shine - just a light absorpotion of some skin oil and otherwise, just you and your skin. I loved how this didn't feel like sticky goop and how it disappeared on contact. On my skin, it was good for some shine-control, evenness, and a smoother texture. And this is all with a drop or two! No other makeup had even made it to a brush or sponge yet.

Another plus for Clean Slate is that it falls into the "natural" category of cosmetics since it contains no parabens, phthalates, synethetic dyes/fragrances, sulfates, petro-chemicals. Another comparable primer might be Korres Face Primer (which is a silicone-free formula - not sure if Clean Slate has silicone or not) if you're interested in natural, chemical-free products.

However, there are a couple of reasons due to which paying almost $30 may not be worth it for me, even though I think it's a great a product. 1) I'm suspicious of any face makeup due to my generally irritable and sensitive skin; 2) I don't wear face makeup daily and when I do, I still don't wear enough to need primer and am also not concerned about long-wear; 3) I'm fairly young and my skin is in decent shape.

I would like to experiment with some less expensive primers (I've been eye'ing a Revlon Beyond Natural version), but then of course, I would probably be compromising on quality anyway. But during the summer weather (which doesn't seem to be arriving soon anyway), even face powder or a tinted moisturizer may not cut it, in which case, Tarte it will be.


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