Liner Pens

Hail liquid eyeliner, especially newer versions of the liner marker/pen. I've been sticking to this easy, defining swipe over the upper lid for a couple of months now, and found some products that help things along.

I lusted after the ck Calvin Klein Electric Edge Liquid Eye Liner Marker Pen for weeks before locating at one of 2 Sephora stores that carry it (34th St. - was sold out; the other is in Union Square). I thought it would be easier to use than it is. This nicely designed pen is really like taking a Sharpie to your lids, just with a finer tip. This sounds ideal, but turns out not to be because the tip doesn't bend/flex enough as you move along your lid. Instead, you have to draw a line with the tip on its side if you want a smoother line, which leads to a thicker line. I don't like thick lines so early in the morning. At night, they're okay. I prefer thinner for day. A good buy if you prefer this method of lining, although the cost is steep ($16) compared to these drugstore versions: new Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen ($9.00), Styli-Style Liquid Liner 24 ($2.00) and fresh Minerals ($4.00).

I'm still working with the ck pen, but may instead opt for L'Oreal Lineur Intense Liquid Eye Liner in Carbon Black. I previously reviewed the Limited Edition version in Defined by Plum, and am starting to think that overall, L'Oreal may have hit the nail on the head with this product. This is basically a wand with a soft, flexible tip - no brush, but also not a marker pen of the type described above. I had actually used up the Defined by Plum and was about to pick up the Carbon Black - picked up the wrong "black" and ended with another Limited Edition version with glitter in it. Seriously, who is still wearing such things?

Try the ck pen if you need a change but like the look of precisely applied liquid liner.


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