Hair Attachments

I recently discovered one of the greatest inventions ever. My hair dryer's nozzle attachment. Seriously. I don't know when and how I fell so behind on such things but I really can't live without this baby. If you have thick, frizzy hair like mine, try blowing your hair with and without one to see the difference.

Hair is naturally easier to handle during the colder months and I practically want to kiss mine every winter. It does what I want it to, and then some, often all on its own. I generally don't have to worry too much about it after one or two good blow-outs for the week. But the nozzle gives the ends a special something that I can't achieve with just the hair dryer alone. And my hair genuinely dries much faster - even in the tropical conditions of my studio!

I know I'm obsessed with something when I go back to my parents' place for 2 nights and feel the need to take it with me. I did this over the Thanksgiving weekend only to have my worst fear confirmed - the nozzle didn't fit my old hair dryer. Luckily, I had my Solano Sapphire straightener to smooth out with the plain old dryer couldn't, but I generally don't like that stick straight look so I kept its use to a minimum.

It's a miracle I don't talk more about my hair since I guess it is one of my better features. I wish I had more to share on what I do with it, but I don't. If you want to know the secret to having good hair, it's doing nada. I barely wash it, brush it, or condition. I don't even oil it much lately. And I'm forced to blow dry it more because of the weather.

I do, however, spent excruciating minutes plucking out the gray hairs starting to form a halo around the back of my head.

If anyone has a cure for that, do tell.


Sania said...

Dude - my hair sucks during the winter. And I too have a ridiculous amount of grey hair.

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