Back in Business

With a vengeance! After spending the last few weeks listening to environmental health science lectures on my IPod and genuinely trying to do some good work at the office, I kicked off the impending New Year with Essie nailpolishes on sale for $2.00 at Duane Reade. Got them in Decadent Diva, a wonderfully deep, metallic purple and Alligator Purse, a crisp red-orange.

Other than the ridiculous great price for otherwise $7.95 nail polishes, I picked these two up because I may have finally understood the value of good nail polish. After the NYC version of Decadent Diva ($0.99) chipped within 24 hours, I was also starting to reconsider my various Brucci buys as well ($1.29). Brucci is cheap and reliable with a decent top coat, but I missed some of the scrumptious colors and finishes of past manicures. I was especially craving Alligator Purse.

So it was fate that it happened to be one of the colors on sale, and I had to go for it. I feel good for having bought a few higher quality nail polishes so cheap, and if I notice enough of a difference in how long they last, I may consider investing in better ones in the future.

I know I sound like I'm 12 and trying to figure out how best to spend my allowance money. It's still something like that, sadly, but in many ways, I like the challenge! Hopefully I'll have more cheap thrills to share soon.


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