Drugstore Lipstick - Cover Girl TruShine in Chocolate Shine

Ever since I saw Ugly Betty's Wilhemina Slater switch to a rich, velevety, 90s-esque shade of brown lipstick, I have been yearning for the same look. Unfortunately, I am not Vanessa Williams playing a fashionable but evil magazine editor out to rule the world. I am short and have a small face - such a lipstick might be overwhelmingly outdated and semi-vampy.

I sampled some deep shades at MAC and was not impressed. My friend K vetoed all the potential candidates with a quick shake of her head and a long "No," but I could see it in her eyes - I looked like a baby-faced Indian aunty. Not attractive.

Enter Cover Girl's TruShine Lipcolor in Chocolate Shine. Since I decided that creamy, matte formulas in a deep shade just wouldn't work for me, I combed My Favorite Place On Earth, Duane Reade, for a sheer formula in a crisp, autumnal color. This lipstick is exactly that.

Don't be fooled by the almost-holographic casing and the richness of the color in the tube - this is on par with other sheer lipsticks like Clinique's Bare Brilliance lipstick in Chocolate Ice (which I was very into this summer). TruShine is as moisturizing as a balm, has buildable color, and works for both day and night. I'm already halfway done with the tube. Better yet, it has a soft shine without the bronzey sparkles that Chocolate Ice had. The only downside is that because the formula is so sheer, it takes a few layers for a richer look, and needs reapplication throughout the day. But for the ease of use and versatile shade, it's worth it.

Very surprised by this lipstick, and also very happy. I intend to try it in Mauve and a few other shades as well. Again, at about $6.00 a pop. you really can't go wrong.


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