Korres Ginger and Vitamins Foundation, SPF 10

In the continuous effort to edit my makeup collection, this past summer I decided to try light-coverage foundations instead of tinted moisturizers (TM). A couple of my previously-used TMs were collecting dust, and I didn't have any face makeup for special occasions. Other than a dusting of powder if I have the heart to do it, I don't usually wear face makeup. However, light foundations/tinted moisturizers do even out my skin and provide a good barrier for my sensitive skin. And when you're going for more makeup, you need a little something over that bare skin.

Ok, yeah, so the real reason I tried Korres Ginger and Vitamins Foundation is because I read about it on Kajal Couture and just had to have it! I get tired of hearing about the same products on every beauty blog - it is a bit uninspiring and it seems like everyone uses the same new products, or the same old, over-hyped products. So little true exploration left! But, that's another topic for another day. Point is, I was impressed by Kajal Couture's glowing review and I'm glad I took a chance on this little-known product.

This is one my few pricier purchases with which I haven't experienced any buyer's remorse. In terms of coverage, this is definitely light-to-barely-medium. While I don't have many blemishes and scars, my skin gets irritated and reddens easily. This helps to even things out a bit. For a little more coverage, I use some concealer and powder to set. The texture is also nice - it is very lightweight and a little on the runny side (the formula is water-based), almost like liquid out of the bottle rather than than a cream in a tube. It's still very easy to use and blend though, and you really only need a small amount (pea-sized or less). The overall finish is a soft satin that looks natural and never cakes or dries up. I use L5, the second to darkest shade, for my golden/tan skintone. It's a tad light going on, but it settles and blends in well. I'm not sure how the shade will change/suit my skin as I get more tan this season, but I'm willing to mix it with something darker if need be. LF6 is probably a good bet for summer, or to keep on hand to mix with LF5 depending on what shade my face decides to be on a given day.

The SPF 10 is an added bonus - I prefer the low number here, because it prevents that white cast which some SPF formulas can have. I also love the convenient tube packaging and the slim design. It looks more like a prescription tube of acne medication actually, or a mini toothpaste. Some might prefer prettier packaging, but not I. This works, and that's all that matters.

If you really want a drawback or two, here they are. First, sensitive noses, beware. While I'm typically not sensitive to smell and don't mind fragrance, I find that this foundation has some weird, "organic"-y funk going on. I've gotten used to the smell and it doesn't bother me now, but I definitely noticed it in the beginning. Second, there isn't a huge shade selection. That said, I find that the shades it does have are often hard to find, and they might work for people with in-between skintones. But if you're considered very fair or very dark, there won't be many options here.

As a side note, I did try a coordinating concealer and enjoyed that as well. If I had kept and used it, there would probably be a glowing review here. But I didn't need it at the moment, so back to the store it went.

In truth, this is more a TM than a foundation, but if you need either a light foundation or a TM that is mid-range price-wise, good quality, and natural, this is it. Quality-wise, I'd say it is comparable to Laura Mercier's TM ($42) and because it is natural, preferable over Clinique's ($27 - I don't have much luck with their products anyway, other than lipstick), although they are similarly-priced. As far as high-end/Sephora brands go, the price is reasonable, although I got mine on sale. $28 @ Sephora (There is currently a sale on limited shades on the Korres website, so scoop one up now if you can)


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