Long-term hiatus, for sure. If you read my Sumania blog, you'll know that I was attempting to express a more serious side of yours truly that is way too serious for its own good. This is, in short, totally stupid. My whole foray into blogging began with a makeup/product near-fetish and the need to discuss the more frivolous (yet somehow more time-consuming) aspects of life - like, you know, deciding between Clinique Color Surge Buttershine Lipstick in Apple Brandy (kinda sheer and shiny) or Clinique Different Lipstick in Spiced Apple (bold and matte and oh-so sophisticated).

Now that I'm on a nice, long break from my graduate studies, I decided - to hell with it. It's not like I ever stopped yapping about these things with my friends. I really need to express the confusion and joy that comes from deciding between two different shades and formulas of red. There's no other point to being a 20-something - I get away with this now, or never.


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