Tinted Lip Balms & Luscious Lips

Really, it is that easy. I'm a lipstick lover, but I also have perennially dry lips, a condition made worse by the recent icy weather in the Northeast. So I had stopped using some of my neutral lipsticks and was waltzing into work with a pretty boring, bare lip. Luckily, a lunchtime trip to the drugstore resulted in an amazing find - Neutrogena Moisture Shine Tinted Lip Balm.

I love this little gray tube of moisturizing goodness because it makes me feel at once young and simple, but grownup. The practicality of tinted lip balm is a no-brainer, but Neutrogena did a particularly good job with these pretty, sheer shades - these are not the Lip Smackers of your teenagehood. I have a couple each in Clean (mauve), Pure (berry pink), Sunny (bronze), and Warm (nude bronze). There was an amazing sale on them and I could not bear the thought that this might mean the product was being discontinued.

If that does end up beign the case, however, I'll likely move onto these alternatives: Jane Cosmetics Be Pure Mineral Lip Balm and Tarte Lip Sheers Tinted Lip Balm.

While it most certainly doesn't feel like spring here, hopefully lightening up the makeup with these babies (and avoiding the dreaded chapped lip) will make it so.


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