Polishes I Liked

Well, sort of loved. Nail polish is definitely more San's thing. I only occasionally do my nails at home - they grow so fast that I can't keep up, and I don't often get manicures/pedicures. I like doing them on my own, actually - it's kind of therapeutic and relaxing. Like, wow, I have so much time I can just sit here, watch Law & Order, and do my nails!

I also don't buy polishes often, but am tempted to get a few Essie nail polishes after I had them painted on for a rare pedicure (Pepperoni) and manicure (Alligator Purse) over the last week.

It took me forever to find Pepperoni. I forget the name after leaving the salon and searched forever - unfortunately, Essie has about a thousand colors just like it. I even picked up a L'Oreal one (in Lady Luck - nice) thinking it might be a knockoff. But then, someone miraculously reviewed Pepperoni, and it was exactly the one I had been looking for. This is a true, bright red with the most subtle pink punch. It is not wine red or fire engine red - just a good, flat, basic red that would look good year-round.

But Alligator Purse is even better. It's a crisp, creamy, burnt orange/deep orange-red. My sis noted that it's a great fall color - leave it to me to pick such a shade in July, but it's such a nice pop of color. It's definitely more orange on my nails than it looked in the bottle, but that's okay.

Would love to purchase both but am thinking about it since I'm so fickle about these things, and since I have yet to round out my 9 great L'Oreal products by purchasing the True Blend Blush in Subtle Sable. Plus, if there is one thing I'm cheap about, it's nail polish. It took a lot out of me to buy the L'Oreal one for $4.99 (hmm, perhaps I could use that to round out my list instead...).

When I eventually move out, maybe I'll christen my new medicine cabinet with these. But I might not have money to eat then. Oh, well - everyone else should try them if you can handle the color. $7.00 @ Drugstores


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