Score 1 for Evolving

My makeup bag has become quite heavy of late. I actually have to go through it every few days and empty/replace things, especially since I'm on the go so much and by the week's end, it's carrying my life. I was starting to doubt whether my attempts at evolving for the better were doing my any good, until this morning.

I went to sleep at 3, snoozed from 5 - 7, and finally rolled out of bed super-late at 7:30. Got ready in 14.5 mins. Grabbed coffee at the station. Slept on the train. Walked into work looking like a zombie. At least I did my hair yesterday - phew.

I took one look at myself in the mirror and knew I needed an intervention. Out came the makeup bag, and on went some of my Almay black/brown eyeliner, CG blush in Golden Pink, and my Clinique Buttershine in Rum Kiss. Voila. I used to think putting on makeup when you're already looking pretty non-pretty was a bad idea, but today, I was definitely proven wrong. Yay. All my experimentation has not been in vain.

I was also pleased last night when my cousin, a more regular makeup user, complimented me on my makeup and asked if my blush was NARS - muhahahahaha. Little did she know. Yesterday's routine (for a family get-together - no need to wear much makeup at these things but still, wanted to look nice and of course, it was another way of experimenting) included all of the above, minus the Rum Kiss, which was replaced by M.A.C.'s lipstick in Polished Up with a dose of the berry shade from Pop's Mini Ribbon Gloss in Peony Pink, and a smidgen of Smashbox's Cinnamon Toast eyeshadow. Perfectly polished and relatively natural for a summer family get-together that complemented some light Indian clothes as well.

Score 1.


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